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Mossy Oak Bottomland - A Brief History

Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo, introduced in 1986, has become a legendary camouflage pattern, favored by duck hunters. Designed by Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas, the pattern was created to blend seamlessly into the forests of Mississippi and Alabama, with its mix of tree bark, leaves, and earthy tones. While initially aimed at deer hunters in the southern United States, Bottomland Camo quickly gained popularity among duck hunters for its ability to provide exceptional concealment in marshes, wetlands, and other aquatic habitats. Its effectiveness in hiding hunters from waterfowl has made it the preferred pattern for duck hunters everywhere. Over the years, the pattern's timeless design and versatility have solidified its reputation, symbolizing a deep connection to nature and a dedication to outdoor sportsmanship and conservation.

Best Selling Gear In Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

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