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How do I do a return?

Please visit, go to the Returns Policy and follow the directions. 


I need to return a defective product.  What should I do?

Please go to our return section under warranty and then Customer Service System and fill out a ticket.  Please include your receipt proof of purchase and pictures of product.


Will Drake Waterfowl ship outside the United States?

We do not currently ship outside the US, but many of our national retail partners do.  Search online for Drake retailers that will ship internationally, or visit one of our retail partners that works with us to ship internationally such as Mack's Prairie Wings.


Can I order directly from Drake Waterfowl? 

Yes.  You can order online at  We use a unique e-commerce system that involves Drake Waterfowl retailers around the country. When you place an order on, we search our retailer's inventory and partner with them to ship your order.  This allows you to have the best selection and receive your order as quickly as possible.  The online payment is secure and your information never leaves our secure servers.  The website is secure and tested daily to ensure your personal information is safe.

We do not accept orders over the phone. 


What happens if package is lost or stolen during shipment?

Drake Waterfowl is not responsible for lost or stolen packages once shipped.  Please have packages delivered to a business or a safe drop off location to help protect from packages being stolen after delivery has taken place. 


Does Drake issue a credit back to my original form of payment on sale items? 

All sale items that are returned will be issued a gift card.


Will Drake Waterfowl donate product to my non-profit organization or fund raiser?

Drake Waterfowl Systems strives to be a good corporate citizen and we support our local conservation organizations and goodwill events in our home communities where we operate our business.  As you can imagine, we receive thousands of requests each year and we can only accommodate a few in the local communities in which live and work.  For donation requests in your area, we encourage you to contact your local Drake retailer to give them the opportunity to be active in your community as well.  We also offer Banquet/Event Packages on a limited basis to qualifying non-profit groups.  These Banquet/Event Packages are collections of best-selling items offered at a discount to be used in fund-raising efforts and the proceeds generated by the merchandise at your event create a profit for your organization.


Will Drake Waterfowl sponsor my television show or DVD series? 

Drake Waterfowl derives the vast majority of our television exposure through our own show, Migration Nation and through television and DVD exposure through a small group of media partners.  Anyone interested in applying for one of the limited sponsorships we may have available may do so by e-mailing their media kit to or submitting by mail to Drake Waterfowl, Attn: Marketing, 7282 Maygan Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654


Will Drake Waterfowl sponsor my hunt team or hunting club?

We recognize that many hunters are just a passionate about waterfowl hunting as we are, and we appreciate that many hunters want to be more closely involved with our brand.  We are thankful for this kind of support and are very grateful for the hunters that trust their hunts to Drake products, however Drake Waterfowl does not sponsor individual hunters, groups of hunters, or hunting clubs.


How can I become a field tester for Drake Waterfowl products?

Drake Waterfowl does not solicit outside product testers.  We conduct our own extensive field testing before launching a product into the market.  We accomplish this with our own employees, our television crew, our Elite Team and Field Experts, outfitters with whom we partner, and media partners.

What employment opportunities exist at Drake Waterfowl?

Occasionally, positions at Drake Waterfowl come available and will be posted here on our website.

I have an idea for a new product or a product improvement.  How do I submit this to Drake?

Drake Waterfowl is proud to be innovators in waterfowl hunting.  We spend a great deal of time and resources on developing and testing new products and we typically max out our capacity for new products and product improvements each year and have limited ability to review external idea contributions.  To submit a product idea or improvement to Drake Waterfowl, the idea must meet the following criteria: 1) must be patented, have a patent applied for the idea, or provide proof that the idea is qualified to be patented.  2) idea must not infringe in any way on a current patent.  3) you must present a non-disclosure agreement if you want such an agreement to be in place prior to reviewing the idea.  4) idea must be submitted in writing, preferably with a prototype included.

Drake Waterfowl does not accept unsolicited idea submissions that do not follow the guidelines above.  Any unsolicited ideas or suggestions submitted to Drake Waterfowl become property of Drake Waterfowl for use as we see fit.


What is the best way to clean and store my waders?

When properly taken care of, a pair of waders will last for many years.  Here are a few steps we recommend to promote the longevity of your waders:

After Every Hunt:

  • Hose off any thick mud to avoid having it dry and cake on the waders, especially in the knees and around the boots
  • Place the waders somewhere they can dry, either by hanging them upside-down or laid flat
  • Do not leave your waders in the direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time -- once they are dry, move them inside
  • Do not leave wet waders folded up or rolled down in the back of a vehicle or in the corner of a mud room.  Hang them or lay them flat to dry.
  • When needed, place your waders on an electric boot dryer until dry


How are breathable waders different from neoprene waders?

Breathable waders are designed to be lightweight and versatile. Neoprene waders are designed to insulate and protect from cold weather. We consider breathable waders to be the most versatile wader for waterfowl hunting because you can always create more warmth with smart layering. With neoprene waders, your comfort zone is going to be limited by the insulation built into your waders.


What is the benefit to breathable waders such as Drake’s EST Eqwader Wading System? 

Breathable waders are ideal for use all season long, especially during the warm early season. Our EST Eqwader Wading System is constructed of a three-layer fabric that bonds high-quality waterproof membranes to durable shell fabrics necessary to withstand tough hunting conditions. This three-layer fabric is not as restrictive as neoprene and allows you more freedom of movement.  Breathable waders are not insulated, so they are extremely comfortable in warm temperatures when all you need is a light shirt and pant underneath your waders. The great thing about breathable waders is that you can wear them all season long in a wide temperature range simply by changing your layers underneath.

Our EST Waders and Boat Pants have 1,000 gram Thinsulate® insulation in the boots to achieve the perfect balance between breathability in warm weather and insulation in cold weather.


How do I know what size waders I need?

Consult the sizing chart on our website.


What is the difference between the EST, MST, and LST Eqwader Wading Systems?

The primary differences between our three types of chest waders are the fabric and the boot insulation.  The fit, pocket design, and features are identical on all three models.  The fabric differences are below:

-          EST wader fabric and boots: 3-layer breathable fabric composed of durable polyester-based fabric bonded to breathable laminate materials.  The boots have 1,000 gram Thinsulate® insulation.

-          MST wader fabric and boots: 3.5mm neoprene wader material with 800 gram Thinsulate® insulation in the boots

-          LST wader fabric and boots: 5mm neoprene wader material with fleece lining.  1,600 gram Thinsulate® insulation in the boots.


What can I do to maintain and restore the waterproof capabilities of my waterproof clothing?

Drake Waterfowl waterproof outerwear, like all high-end outerwear, is treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish (DWR). This finish helps the shell fabric resist wetting by causing the water to bead-up so it easily falls off before being absorbed into the fabric. This water repellent finish increases the benefits of our HyperShield™ Technology, which prevents penetration of the water through the fabric. As a garment is worn and used over time, accumulation of soils from external sources as well as oils from your own body will lessen the performance of any waterproof system.  Drake’s HyperShield Technology is a high-performance fabric that delivers exceptional performance in both waterproof protection and breathability, a must for highly active hunters.  Keeping the water repellent finish on the shell of your garments in top shape will boost the performance of the HyperShield Technology in the fabric and provide maximum protection in the field.  Basically, the water repellent finish keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated so the breathable HyperShield barrier can do its job.

In order to keep your waterproof clothing in top working condition, do not let dirt, mud, or other stains remain on the fabric for extended periods of time.  Clean these foreign substances with a damp cloth regularly so the fabric can breathe and vent.

Eventually you may need to treat your waterproof clothing with an after-market water repellent treatment if you notice that your garment is leaking.  This is especially true for hunters with high exposure to the elements or if your garment is 3 or more seasons old.  Using a water repellent treatment product will restore your waterproof garment to like-new performance.  Drake Waterfowl recommends the following product for re-treating our waterproof/breathable outerwear:

-          ATSKO® Water-Guard Extreme™

This product is recommended for high-performance fabrics and comes with instructions for use.



What is the recommended method of washing DOWN clothing?

Periodic cleaning of your down jacket or vest is essential to maintaining maximum loft and ensuring the long life of the product. Though it is possible to wash your own down product, we recommend that you have your down jacket or vest professionally cleaned by a service that specializes in cleaning down.  Ask your local dry cleaner about their ability to clean down products.

If you must wash your down clothing at home, make sure all zippers are full zipped and all Velcro adjustments are secured.  Turn garment inside-out and wash on the “gentle” cycle.  Use baking soda or a mild powder detergent and run through two rinse cycles to make sure all detergent is thoroughly rinsed from the garment.  Tumble dry the down garment by itself in dryer on the lowest possible heat setting.  Check the garment periodically to make sure the down insulation does not clump in one area of the garment.  Do not place in the sun to dry.


What is the recommended method of washing WATERPROOF clothing?

In most cases, you can simply wash the outer surface of our clothing with a damp cloth or spot-wash by hand under running water.  In the event that you need to machine wash your Drake Waterfowl clothing, follow these instructions:

  • Brush dried mud and debris from the clothing
  • Remove all items from the pockets
  • On items with our Spring Open™ Pockets, remove the spring mechanism from the pocket by opening the pocket, releasing the Velcro closure at the top of the pocket, and taking out the sleeve that houses the Spring Open™ mechanism.
  • Machine wash cold in either baking soda or a detergent designed for sportsmen.
  • Hang to dry inside your home, camp, or garage.  Do not hang in direct sunlight to dry.
  • DO NOT place in clothes dryer because high heat will damage the waterproofing capabilities of the garment and void the warranty
  • Do no iron


What is the difference between the MST Bonded Fleece Pant and the MST “Jean Cut” Under-Wader Pant?

The MST Bonded Fleece Pant is a waterproof, windproof pant ideal for wearing alone.  The MST “Jean Cut” Under-Wader Pant is primarily a layering pant designed for wearing under waders.

The Bonded Fleece Pant is constructed of a waterproof, windproof, breathable shell fabric that is bonded directly to a 280-weight fleece lining.  This bonding process causes the fabric to feel and move like one layer of fabric.  This bonded design increases the windproof protection and provides incredible warmth.  Due to the warmth retention capabilities of the Bonded Fleece Pant, we do not recommend wearing these pants under waders as overheating could occur.

The MST “Jean Cut” Under-Wader Pant is built with our Silencer™ Micro-fleece outer shell fabric to be soft and comfortable, and then lined with a mid-weight fleece fabric.  The outer fabric and the lining fabric move independently, creating a comfortable fit that moves and flexes when worn under waders.


What is the difference between the LST 4-in-1 Wader Coat and the LST 3-in-1 Plus 2? 

The LST 4-in-1 Coat and the LST 3-in-1 Plus 2 have the same outer shell jacket.  The real difference in these two products lies in the liner jacket.  The 4-in-1 liner is a reversible insulated bomber jacket that reverses from camo to solid brown.  This liner jacket has 200 grams of poly-fill insulation. Because of this insulation, the LST 4-in-1 Wader Coat is considered by many to be warmer than the LST Eqwader 3-in-1 Plus 2 Wader Coat.

The LST Eqwader 3-in-1 Plus 2 liner is basically our MST Eqwader Full Zip Jacket, but with zip-off sleeves.  The 3-in-1 Plus 2 is our only jacket with an MST Eqwader Jacket used as a liner. The primary benefit of the LST Eqwader 3-in-1 Plus 2 Wader Coat is versatility - this coat offers three ways to wear the shell and liner jacket plus two additional ways to wear the shell and liner vest, hence the clever name.


Cleaning the inside of your waders is not normally necessary, but in the event that you need to clean the inside of your waders, follow these steps:

  • Clean any dried mud or other stains with a wet cloth
  • Do not attempt to clean the inside of your waders with any abrasive cloths or brushes
  • Place your waders on a electric boot dryer for 30-45 minutes to help eliminate odor in the boots


Long-Term/Off-Season Storage:

  • Make sure your waders are completely clean and free of mud and debris.  Allow them to dry as normal.
  • Lay your waders flat or folded resting on the ground.  Hanging your waders by the shoulder straps can cause them to stretch, and hanging your waders by the boots can put a strain on the boots where they are connected to the neoprene wader material.
  • If space is an issue or if laying flat is not possible, place the waders in a plastic tub.
  • Avoid storing the waders in areas of high heat, such as an attic or storage unit.


Repairing Your Waders:

  • Should you ever need to patch or repair the neoprene material or breathable material of your waders, clean the area to make sure it is free of mud and debris.
  • Allow the area to dry completely before attempting to apply repair material
  • We recommend AquaSeal or Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair.  Follow the manufacturer's directions for repair.


Are the Spring-Open™ Pockets on Drake coats removable?

Yes.  The Spring-Open Pocket mechanism is contained in its own separate housing that can be removed in the event that you don’t want to use that feature.  Removing the Spring-Open Pocket frame transforms the pocket into standard cargo pockets.  We recommend removing the Spring-Open Pocket mechanism when machine washing your Drake coats.


Can I special-order different camouflage patterns, sizes, or styles of Drake clothing or waders?

No, we do not offer special-orders at this time.


What camouflage patterns do you offer?

We currently offer Drake Waterfowl products in Realtree® Max-5™, Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades™, and Mossy Oak®Shadow Branch™.  We also offer select Drake Waterfowl products in Drake’s Old School Camo™ and Drake's Old School Timber Camo™.  Drake Non-Typical products are available in Mossy Oak Bottomland™ and Realtree X-tra™. 


How do you pronounce Drake’s hybrid clothing system, Eqwader™?

(Eek – wād – er)  Eqwader™ is pronounced like the word “equator”, the navigational line separating the earth into two halves, just like the two distinct areas of our Eqwader clothing items.


What temperature ranges do you recommend for each category of Drake clothing?

As with all discussions of comfort in a given temperature, each person is going to be different. Some people are cold-natured, and some people prefer to dress light. Below is a guide based on our comfort zone suggestions. This is simply a guide to get you started. Each hunter should experiment with the right mix of base layers and outerwear to build the best clothing options for each hunt.

  • EST (Early Season Technology): 60° plus
  • MST (Mid-Season Technology): 30° – 60°
  • LST (Late Season Technology): 0° – 30°


What happens when an item on my order is out of stock at the time the order is packed? 

Occasionally, we run out of an item faster than inventory levels can be updated online. We strive to keep online inventory availability completely accurate, but shipping through multiple channels makes it nearly impossible to have 100% real-time inventory accuracy. If an item on your order is out of stock, we reserve the right to either 1) cancel the item from the order and issue a refund, or 2) contact you to make comparable substitutions. Out of stock items will not be substituted for items of greater value, and no discounts or special concessions will be made as an incentive to accept a substitute item.