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A man standing in a field wearing a plaid shirt, hat, and glasses, holding his hands on his hips.

By Jim Ronquest

Funny how a year works, with its highs and lows ongoing throughout the year! It seems to always keep us guessing as to what’s happening.

One of my most favorite times of year is the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years. It is fun and festive with good friends and family along with being in the heart of duck season! How can that be bad? Lots of good food and drink along with hanging out with friends and enjoying our passions!

While most folks have their tree and lights picked up rather quickly, Rosi and I do not pick ours up until the end of duck season. That is in my mind is the start of our new year. While I am always sad to see it go because of the ducks, dawgs, and people. I am also a passionate Spring Turkey Hunter and look forward to each Spring with the same high hopes as I have going into fall!! As the cool nights of Spring turn into the long hot days of Summer it may seem to many as if duck season is an eternity away, when it has really already started. To me, duck season begins at the conclusion of the 4th of July weekend and the excitement builds throughout the Summer into fall. With some well-timed snow and rain events in the breeding grounds, we may have better waterfowl recruitment from the Prairies than we have had in the past few years. So, with that, I will stand with my eyes cast to the skies when the first North Winds blow cold in high anticipation of the coming season. With hopes of full straps, wet dawgs, and the smell of burnt powder all while sharing God's great outdoors with good folks.

While none of us know what the future may bring, I look forward to once again playing the game, although, for me, it is a new direction with new people and a new company. While the playing field may have changed the players are all the same! I look forward to what may come and pray that we all keep our eyes on the ball!!