Waterproof Fleece Handwarmer with Agion – Drake Waterfowl

Waterproof Fleece Handwarmer with Agion

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Waterproof Fleece Handwarmer with Agion

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Warm, plush fleece backed with a 100% waterproof, breathable membrane and a brushed tricot lining, make up the 3 layers of protection found in this extremely comfortable handwarmer. With the addition of Agion Active XL® odor control giving the hunter the advantage over the keen sense of smell in game animals.

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• 3-Layer HydroHush Waterproof Fabric

 Agion Active XL® scent control technology (Click Here for more information)
• Zippered “Hot -Hands” Pocket
• Large Cuff Hand Openings
• Adjustable Elastic Waist Belt