Large Stand-Up䋢 Decoy Bag РDrake Waterfowl

Large Stand-Up䋢 Decoy Bag


Large Stand-Up䋢 Decoy Bag

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The Patented US6830170B2 Large Stand-Up䋢 Decoy Bag is the only decoy bag on the market that actually assists in the loading process. The Stand-Up䋢 Decoy Bag features a unique, spiral coil spring to hold the bag open in a perfect, flat-bottom cylinder that stands up on its own while you load and unload your decoys. No more stuffing into a collapsed bag, searching for the bag opening, or being frustrated at the end of a day's hunt. The Stand-Up䋢 Decoy Bag quickly collapses when empty for quick, convenient storage. Constructed of heavy-duty, rot-proof polyester mesh and 2" polyester web shoulder straps for a lifetime of hunting.

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‰ۢ Heavy-duty, rot-proof polyester mesh

‰ۢåÊSteel spiral coil spring
‰ۢ Free-standing design
‰ۢ 2" polyester web shoulder straps
‰ۢ Drawstring cord with cinch
‰ۢ Collapses for easy storage
‰ۢ Holds up to 18 magnum or 24-30 standard duck decoys