Stage 3 Retrieve-Rite Correct Carry – Drake Waterfowl

Stage 3 Retrieve-Rite Correct Carry


Stage 3 Retrieve-Rite Correct Carry

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The Correct Carry Bumper is a unique training tool that teaches dogs the correct retrieval method of carrying birds by the body rather than the head or tail. åÊMade with durable, lead-free plastic with soft, pliable middle and hard plastic end caps that discourage your dog from carrying anywhere but the middle of the bumper. åÊComes with two ropes to make it easier to take the bumper from your dog regardless of which side he approaches. åÊDimensions: 2" x 11".

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‰ۢ Hardened end caps to encourage "body carry"
‰ۢ Soft, pliable middle section

‰ۢ Includes ropes at each end
‰ۢ 2" x 11"

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