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Shelter Hat

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Shelter Hat

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The Shelter Hat is our warmest, most protective waterfowl hat. It delivers full head, neck, and face coverage and is constructed with 100% waterproof/breathable fabric and a pile fleece lining. The Shelter Hat can be worn with the flaps down and secured across the mouth for complete coverage while riding a boat or ATV, or the flaps can be worn up and secured on top of the head. A warm, comfortable micro-fleece lining is located inside the upper part of the hat, and a thick pile fleece fabric lines the sides, neck, and flaps. One size fits most.

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• Pile fleece lining

• Refuge HS™ material
• 100% waterproof/windproof/breathable HyperShield™ 2.0 technology
• Extended ear flaps wrap around the face or secure over the top of the head
• Flip-down bill
• Elastic panel at back for comfortable stretch fit

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