Guardian Elite™ Layout Blind Jacket - Insulated / $359.99 to $369.99 – Drake Waterfowl

Guardian Elite™ Layout Blind Jacket - Insulated / $359.99 to $369.99

Guardian Elite™ Layout Blind Jacket - Insulated / $359.99 to $369.99

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Chest Size 36-38" 40-42" 44-46" 48-50" 52-54" 56"
Sleeve Length 32" 34" 35" 36" 37" 37.5"
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The Guardian Elite™ Layout Blind Jacket - Insulated is specifically designed for the hunter who spends his hunting days laying on the frozen ground in a blind.  This type of hunting comes with a set of unique issues and this coat has an answer for them all.  From the Double Down™ insulation giving the back that added warmth and protection, to the Tailgate Dry Seat System with Magnattach™ that will literally save your butt from getting cold and wet.  This jacket was designed to keep the layout blind hunter comfortable on the harshest days.  With the easy access front load pockets, finding gear has never been more convenient.  



Adjustable Zip-Off hood with Built-In Face Mask

You'll never have to search for your face mask again because it's built into the hood.  Ideal for long, brutal boat rides to your favorite spot.  Reach up, slip on the flexible, fleece face mask, cinch down the adjustable straps for a snug fit, and go.  The hood can be removed when weather conditions are favorable, eliminating any and all movement restrictions when watching ducks circle your spread.

Carabiner Clip with Adjustable Tether and Storage Pouch


When it's time to shed the Guardian Elite Layout Blind Jacket, this special feature ensures you always have a spot to hang your jacket to keep it high and dry.  The carabiner clip and adjustable tether allows the jacket to be hung on a wide variety of items and surfaces, no matter the size or height.  Two layers of high-tensil strength webbing encase the 3-layer fabric, creating an incredibly strong weight bearing point.  When not in use, this feature can be stored in the zippered, waterproof pouch located on the back of the jacket.

Backup / Just-in-Case Shell Loops

Built for those not-so-often scenarios when you're caught away from your blind bag, only to realize that you don't have any shells left in your shell pouch.  The 12 shell loops are ideal when chasing a downed bird at a distance, or for storing a 3.5" shell for that wandering Canada or Specklebelly overhead.


Lower Back XXL Fowl-Proof™ Cargo Pocket

Stretching from side seam to side seam across the entire back of the jacket, this has to be the largest cargo pocket offered on the market.  The Lower Back XXL Fowl-Proof™ Cargo Pocket is ideal, waterproof location for storing the removable hood, and eliminates the problem of fumbling around in the dark remembering where you put something.  It is also a great spot for bulkier items that you may only need once during a hunt, like game totes, dog leads, cinch straps, and much more.


Tailgate Dry Seat System with Magnattach

The weather does not care if we have a dry or warm place to sit, but we do. When in comes time to take a seat, the Tailgate Dry Seat System with MagnattachTM ensures you always stay dry and warm. Simply pull the seat down when needed, and when not in use, the MagattachTM auto secure attachments keep the seat tucked away inside the jacket. 



 Everything in its Place.

"Saving Critical Time Through Intelligent Motion™."  A waterfowl hunting jacket should have highly calculated and time-studied pocket positions, eliminating wasted movement and increasing efficiency in the field.  The Time & Motion™ Intelli-Suite™ was created to do one thing:  ensure that every second of your hunting experience is spent doing what you love, not fumbling around to find an item.

Time & Motion™ Magnattach™ Call & Whistle Pockets and Zippered Chest Pockets

What's new and instinctive above the chest?  We've doubled the amount of pockets.  Comprised of 2 inner, Fowl-Proof™ zippered chest pockets, layered under 2 external Magnattach™ pockets, this upper pocket suite is highly suitable for organizing small items on either side of the jacket, no matter which hand is dominant.  Separate and quickly reach primary and back-up calls via the Magnattach™ pockets, and store valuables like smart phones, keys, wallets, and license in the waterproof zippered pockets.

Time & Motion™ Front-Load Cargo Pockets

Out with the old, in with the new. We've replaced previous cargo pouches with these spacious, streamlined pockets on the front of the body. The vertical design allows for quick and easy storage of larger items such as beanies and gloves, in addition to effortless side-to-side retrieval. Built to accommodate a large amount of cargo, these pockets stretch all the way to the side seam of the jacket. The Fowl-Proof waterproof zipper ensures no water reaches these valuables. 

Time & Motion™ Sherpa Fleece Handwarmer Pockets

Lined with toasty warm, plush sherpa fleece. these are the warmest handwarmer pockets on the market. Strategically placed higher and further back than the shell pouches, these pockets provide comfort by allowing the arms to rest at a 90 degree angle. The sherpa fleece lining ensures optimal heat retention, keeping your trigger finger and calling hand toasty warm during extreme temperatures.

Time & Motion™ Dedicated Magnattach™ Shell Pouches

Stop fumbling around in a cargo pocket mixed with shells and cargo. While many jackets offer pockets that have multi-purpose functionality, we believe every coat needs pockets dedicated to shells only. Purposely placed on the front and center of the jacket, these pouches are located where hands instinctively reach to find shells. 


Compatible with Hybrid Liners

Allowing for maximum versatility and customization, the Guardian Elite Layout Blind Jacket includes interior zippers, which make it compatible with our new series of hybrid liners. Utilizing varying weights and style options, create a personalized insulation solution to satisfy the needs of your hunt. Worn as insulation or outerwear themselves, the Endurance, Sherpa Fleece, and Double Down hybrid liner options allow for maximum versatility no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Body Mapped Insulation*

Engineered to combat the frozen ground experienced in a layout blind, the Guardian Elite' Layout Blind Jacket is uniquely body mapped to minimize bulk and maximize mobility. Double Down' insulation placed on the center of the back delivers extra comfort and warmth where it's critical. The rest of the jacket is outfitted with LokDownTM insulation to maximize mobility and freedom of movement when swinging a shotgun. 
*only available in Insulated model. The shell weight version contains LokDownTM insulation in the center of the back for enhanced comfort.

Guardian Elite™ 3 Layer Pro Fabric

This is the most technologically advanced fabric we've ever offered. Guardian Elite 3 Layer Pro Fabric is not only our most waterproof and durable fabric, it's also our most breathable. Engineered to meet the demands of hard-working, professional guides and hunters averaging 100 days a year in the field in the worst conditions imaginable. 


 Watch "Daniel's Guardian"

Over 4 years of field testing contributed to the development of this 3 layer fabric. Follow one man's journey across the world as he averages over 200 days a year in the field, experiencing over 100,000 miles, 3 continents, 4 countries, 27 states, 4 flyways, and 230 hours in the rain, and learn about how Guardian Elite' 3 Layer Pro Fabric kept him warm and dry.


• 100% waterproof/windproof/breathable Guardian Elite™ 3-layer fabric treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellant)
• Taped seams
• Drake's Fowl-Proof™ YKK® zippers

 2 Time & Motion™ Magnattach™ Call and Whistle Pockets
• 2 Time & Motion™ Fowl-Proof™ Zippered Chest Pockets
• 2 Time & Motion™ Front-Load Fowl-Proof™ Cargo Pockets
• 2 Time & Motion™ Sherpa-Fleece Handwarmer Pockets
• 2 Time & Motion™ Dedicated Magnattach™ Shell Pouches
• Lower Back XXL Fowl-Proof™ Cargo Pocket
• Adjustable Zip-Off Hood with Built-In Face Mask
• Carabiner Clip with Adjustable Tether and Storage Pouch
• 6 Back-Up/Just-In-Case Shell Loops
• Adjustable No-Water Sealed Cuffs
• HD3-High-Wear Reinforced Fabric
• Sherpa-Fleece Lined Hood and Collar
• Tailgate Dry Seat System with Magnattach™
• Interior Zippers Compatible with All Hybrid Liners
• Patents Pending