EST Refuge Waterproof 6-Pocket Pants – Drake Waterfowl

EST Refuge Waterproof 6-Pocket Pants

EST Refuge Waterproof 6-Pocket Pants

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Finally, a 100% waterproof/breathable utility pant designed for warm-weather hunting.  Only a waterfowl hunter can appreciate the need for a lightweight pant that doesn't cut any corners to protect from wet dogs, muddy fields, and soggy ATV rides.  Ideal for early season teal and goose hunts, pre-season scouting, and unseasonably warm days afield.  Classic six-pocket cargo pant design with built-in adjustable ankle garters and foot stirrups for a secure fit in waders or knee boots.


The EST (Early Season Technology) Series is designed for warmer weather where you don’t want to overdress but protection from the elements is still required. The EST line consists of options to manage moisture, prevent overheating, and even waterproof/breathable outerwear built for mild early season temperatures.

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