Easy-Up Tree & Boat Dog Stand – Drake Waterfowl

Easy-Up Tree & Boat Dog Stand

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Easy-Up Tree & Boat Dog Stand

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As the name implies, we’ve created a stand that enables your dog to remount with ease from any direction. A step drops down 10 inches below the platform surface on all three sides, creating an accessible step for your dog to easily remount without hands-on assistance. The step and platform surface is covered with vinyl coated mesh for fast and easy draining to keep your dog safe and dry. It folds to a low profile with the stand for easy transporting and storing.

 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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Features & Materials
•  Vinyl Coated Mesh Platform
•  Strong, Durable Aluminum
•  Folds Flat for Easy Travel 
•  Step Drops Down 10” on Three Sides for Easy Access
•  Equipped with Tree and Boat Attachments

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