360º Boat Seat & Marsh Chair Combo – Drake Waterfowl

360º Boat Seat & Marsh Chair Combo

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360º Boat Seat & Marsh Chair Combo

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When hunting flooded fields or timber for ducks and geese, hunters have 2 major concerns - a place to hide and a place to sit. With the first problem solved with our Ghillie Blinds, we moved on to the seat. Until now, the only seats offered for hunting in the water were the pole seats that leave you feeling like a circus performer doing a balancing act. They are extremely uncomfortable, give you zero stability and support for a shooting platform, and limit your range of motion. Drake’s revolutionary 360 Marsh Chair & Boat Seat is the ultimate shooting platform, equipped with 4 legs and mud pads for maximum stability. Each foot sinks down into the mud until bottoming out on to the rugged angle aluminum mud pads. We positioned the side angle aluminum downward so it sinks into the mud, allowing it to work as an anchor, which also increases side to side stability. With the tri-fold base firmly anchored to the ground, we added a comfortable 360 degree pivot seat equipped with a standard pedestal mount, also perfect for your duck and fishing boat. That’s right, now you’ve got the most stable AND COMFORTABLE marsh chair on the market and a perfect Boat Seat for catching fish the rest of the year - this product is Always in Season®!  Constructed of rugged aluminum and vinyl coated mesh for strength and durability, this seat was built to last.

 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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Features & Materials
• Folding design for hassle-free set up and packing
• Silent operation during the hunt
• Comfortable ergo chair for all day comfort while in the blind or in the boat
• Constructed of rugged, weather-resistant material 
• Breathable seat construction keeps you cool on warmer days
• Legs Adjustable by 2”
• Mud Pads to Stop Sinking

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