Tyler Cruitt – Drake Waterfowl
Tyler Cruitt

Tyler Cruitt

What age did you begin hunting waterfowl?

I began duck hunting when i was around eight years old.



Tell us about yourself:

My name is Tyler Cruitt. I grew up in a small town in south Alabama called Monroeville. I went to high school at Monroe Academy and now attend Auburn University. WAR EAGLE!

Growing up in Monroeville made it hard to kill a lot of ducks. I went duck hunting for the first time when I was around eight years old but once I was able to drive and had my own boat you couldn’t keep me around the house when the season was in. We killed wood ducks and would get mallard every now and then. A few years ago I was lucky enough to find a camp house in Mississippi that had been flooded to the roof. I talked a few buddies into going in with me and completely remodel it. Everybody has to start somewhere and usually you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.  Our camp the “D.O.A. Duck Club” is well known around Chotard Lake in Mississippi. D.O.A. stands for “dead on arrival.” They call us the “Bama Boys.”

Duck hunting is a lot of fun whether you go back to the landing with limits of birds or even if you zero out. Fellowship is the main reason I go year after year. My Chesapeake Bay retriever “Ms. Cali Swag” is another reason why I continue to duck hunt. Watching her look up at an empty sky waiting patiently on the next group of birds to come in makes me smile. It amazes me how much a dog will honor a person.