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Chase Carlisle

Chase Carlisle


Chase Carlisle has been an avid duck hunter for as long as he can remember.  A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, he was exposed to some of the best duck hunting the Mississippi Flyway has to offer at a very early age. 

“I remember our first hunt in Bayou Meto, one of the largest state-owned wildlife management areas in the nation, encompassing 33,000 acres in Arkansas and Jefferson counties right outside of Stuttgart.  It was 1993, well before the existence of innovative hunting gear, and I was sporting a pair of canvas waders that had more holes than a horse trader’s mule.  Never have I been so miserably cold while wading in chest deep water that was just north of freezing.  Then suddenly a group of several hundred mallards started to circle above before ultimately landing right on top of us in the flooded timber.  It was a feeling that I’ve been chasing ever since.” 

Chase, who has an impressive career in sales with several fortune 500 companies, has hunted as far north as Oregon and as far south as the coastal marshes in Louisiana and several places in between. Now a resident of Mandeville, Louisiana, Chase does most of his hunting in Southeast Arkansas at their place just a few miles off the Mississippi River.

He's been a guest on various duck hunting TV shows and featured in several issues of Wildfowl magazine. He has also been active with Ducks Unlimited and its fundraising efforts.

Chase is proud to have been affiliated with Drake Waterfowl since the inception of the Field Expert Program.  His father Tommy Carlisle along with his chocolate lab Cooper can be found sharing a duck blind on most weekends throughout the fall. 

When asked about his biggest passion, Chase answered, “introducing the tradition of hunting to the future generations of waterfowlers.” 

 Ironically, the origin and history of the name Chase was originally a Middle English nickname for a huntsman.