Frequently Asked Questions

I need to return a defective product.  What should I do?

We take great pride in our products and want to know if you experience any defects in workmanship of our products in the field.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you in person about the issue, so please call us at 866-521-5012.

Will Drake Waterfowl ship outside the United States?

We do not currently ship outside the US, but many of our national retail partners do.  Search online for Drake retailers that will ship internationally, or visit one of our retail partners that works with us to ship internationally such as Waterfowler Gear (international) and Mack's Prairie Wings (Canada).

Can I order directly from Drake Waterfowl?

Yes.  You can order online at  We use a unique e-commerce system that involves Drake Waterfowl retailers around the country. When you place an order on, we search our retailer's inventory and partner with them to ship your order.  This allows you to have the best selection and receive your order as quickly as possible.  The online payment is secure and your information never leaves our secure servers.  The website is secure and tested daily to ensure your personal information is safe.

Will Drake Waterfowl donate product to my non-profit organization or fund raiser?

Drake Waterfowl Systems strives to be a good corporate citizen and we support our local conservation organizations and goodwill events in our home communities where we operate our business.  As you can imagine, we receive thousands of requests each year and we can only accommodate a few in the local communities in which live and work.  For donation requests in your area, we encourage you to contact your local Drake retailer to give them the opportunity to be active in your community as well.  We also offer Banquet/Event Packages on a limited basis to qualifying non-profit groups.  These Banquet/Event Packages are collections of best-selling items offered at a discount to be used in fund-raising efforts and the proceeds generated by the merchandise at your event create a profit for your organization.

Will Drake Waterfowl sponsor my television show or DVD series?

Drake Waterfowl derives the vast majority of our television exposure through our own show, Migration Nation and through television and DVD exposure through a small group of media partners.  Anyone interested in applying for one of the limited sponsorships we may have available may do so by e-mailing their media kit to or submitting by mail to Drake Waterfowl, Attn: Marketing, 7282 Maygan Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654

Will Drake Waterfowl sponsor my hunt team or hunting club?

We recognize that many hunters are just a passionate about waterfowl hunting as we are, and we appreciate that many hunters want to be more closely involved with our brand.  We are thankful for this kind of support and are very grateful for the hunters that trust their hunts to Drake products, however Drake Waterfowl does not sponsor individual hunters, groups of hunters, or hunting clubs.

How can I become a field tester for Drake Waterfowl products?

Drake Waterfowl does not solicit outside product testers.  We conduct our own extensive field testing before launching a product into the market.  We accomplish this with our own employees, our television crew, our Elite Team and Field Experts, outfitters with whom we partner, and media partners.

What employment opportunities exist at Drake Waterfowl?

Occasionally, positions at Drake Waterfowl come available and will be posted here on our website.

I have an idea for a new product or a product improvement.  How do I submit this to Drake?

Drake Waterfowl is proud to be innovators in waterfowl hunting.  We spend a great deal of time and resources on developing and testing new products and we typically max out our capacity for new products and product improvements each year and have limited ability to review external idea contributions.  To submit a product idea or improvement to Drake Waterfowl, the idea must meet the following criteria: 1) must be patented, have a patent applied for the idea, or provide proof that the idea is qualified to be patented.  2) idea must not infringe in any way on a current patent.  3) you must present a non-disclosure agreement if you want such an agreement to be in place prior to reviewing the idea.  4) idea must be submitted in writing, preferably with a prototype included.

Drake Waterfowl does not accept unsolicited idea submissions that do not follow the guidelines above.  Any unsolicited ideas or suggestions submitted to Drake Waterfowl become property of Drake Waterfowl for use as we see fit.

What is the best way to clean and store my waders?

When properly taken care of, a pair of waders will last for many years.  Here are a few steps we recommend to promote the longevity of your waders:

After Every Hunt:

  • Hose off any thick mud to avoid having it dry and cake on the waders, especially in the knees and around the boots
  • Place the waders somewhere they can dry, either by hanging them upside-down or laid flat
  • Do not leave your waders in the direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time -- once they are dry, move them inside
  • Do not leave wet waders folded up or rolled down in the back of a vehicle or in the corner of a mud room.  Hang them or lay them flat to dry.
  • When needed, place your waders on an electric boot dryer until dry

Cleaning the Inside of Your Waders:
Cleaning the inside of your waders is not normally necessary, but in the event that you need to clean the inside of your waders, follow these steps:

  • Clean any dried mud or other stains with a wet cloth
  • Do not attempt to clean the inside of your waders with any abbrasive cloths or brushes
  • Place your waders on a electric boot dryer for 30-45 minutes to help eliminate odor in the boots

    Long-Term/Off-Season Storage:
  • Make sure your waders are completely clean and free of mud and debris.  Allow them to dry as normal.
  • Lay your waders flat or folded resting on the ground.  Hanging your waders by the shoulder straps can cause them to stretch, and hanging your waders by the boots can put a strain on the boots where they are connected to the neoprene wader material.
  • If space is an issue or if laying flat is not possible, place the waders in a plastic tub.
  • Avoid storing the waders in areas of high heat, such as an attic or storage unit.

Repairing Your Waders:

  • Should you ever need to patch or repair the neoprene material or breathable material of your waders, clean the area to make sure it is free of mud and debris.
  • Allow the area to dry completely before attempting to apply repair material
  • We recommend AquaSeal or Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair.  Follow the manufacturer's directions for repair.